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50 Full Moon Affirmations for Every Phase of Life

The full moon is a powerful time of the month, often associated with transformation, release, and manifestation. It’s a period where energies are high, emotions are intensified, and our intuitive abilities are heightened. This is an ideal time to focus on personal growth and to set intentions for the coming month. Full moon affirmations can help align our thoughts and feelings with these energies, enabling us to tap into the moon’s power for positive change.

Here are 50 full moon affirmations to guide you through every phase of life:

full moon affirmations

1. “Under this full moon, I release all that no longer serves me.”
2. “I am open to receiving all the blessings this full moon has to offer.”
3. “I manifest my deepest desires with the power of the full moon.”
4. “I release all fears and limitations with the energy of the full moon.”
5. “Under this full moon, I am healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”
6. “I am in sync with the lunar energy and all of nature.”
7. “The full moon illuminates my path to success.”
8. “I am releasing old patterns and welcoming new beginnings.”
9. “I am empowered and energized by the full moon.”
10. “With the full moon, I let go of all negativity.”
11. “I am aligning my intentions with the power of the full moon.”
12. “The full moon encourages and amplifies my growth.”
13. “I am filled with gratitude for the abundance in my life.”
14. “I am releasing all doubts and fears under this full moon.”
15. “I am manifesting love and happiness in my life.”
16. “The full moon enhances my creativity and inspiration.”
17. “I am in harmony with the moon and all its phases.”
18. “I release all obstacles blocking my path to success.”
19. “I trust the journey of life under this full moon.”
20. “The full moon’s energy strengthens my intuition.”
21. “I let go of all that weighs me down with the power of the full moon.”
22. “I am grounded, focused, and in alignment with the universe.”
23. “I am manifesting my dreams into reality under this full moon.”
24. “The full moon’s energy fills me with peace and serenity.”
25. “I am releasing all resentment and opening my heart to forgiveness.”
26. “The full moon illuminates my path to abundance.”
27. “I embrace the transformative power of the full moon.”
28. “I am attracting positive energy into my life.”
29. “Under this full moon, I am embracing change.”
30. “I am releasing old habits and embracing healthier ones.”
31. “I am connected to the universe and its infinite wisdom.”
32. “Under the full moon, I celebrate my growth and achievements.”
33. “I am open to new opportunities that the universe sends my way.”
34. “I release all stress and tension with the power of the full moon.”
35. “The full moon energizes and revitalizes me.”
36. “I am manifesting health and wellbeing in my life.”
37. “The full moon supports my dreams and desires.”
38. “I let go of fear and embrace courage under this full moon.”
39. “I am attracting love and positivity in my life.”
40. “Under the full moon, I am one with nature and the universe.”
41. “I release all limiting beliefs and embrace limitless possibilities.”
42. “The full moon guides me towards my true purpose.”
43. “I am releasing all pain and embracing healing.”
44. “Under the full moon, I am growing and evolving.”

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45. “I am in tune with the full moon’s energy, and it guides me in my journey.”
46. “Under the full moon, I am manifesting prosperity and abundance.”
47. “I release past regrets and focus on the present moment.”
48. “I am open to new beginnings and opportunities.”
49. “Under the full moon, I am filled with optimism and hope.”
50. “I am thankful for the transformation the full moon brings into my life.”

As you recite these affirmations, visualize your intentions, and feel the energy of the full moon bolstering your resolve and your ability to manifest your desires.

Final Note

In conclusion, remember that the full moon is a time of powerful energy and potential. It’s a perfect opportunity to release what no longer serves you and to set your intentions for what you desire. Using these affirmations during the full moon can help you align with this powerful energy and use it to manifest positive change in your life.

So, embrace the transformative energy of the full moon, and let these affirmations guide you on your journey through every phase of life. Each full moon is a new opportunity for growth, release, and manifestation. Make the most of it.


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