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How To Increase Intuition Through Meditation: A Simple Guide

Intuition, often referred to as our ‘sixth sense,’ is an innate human capability that guides us in understanding the world around us. It’s an inner compass, an instinctive understanding that often bypasses logic and reasoning. While we all possess this ability, it often gets clouded by the noise of our busy lives. But what if you could fine-tune this intuition, making it a reliable guide for life’s decisions?

This is where meditation comes in. Meditation has been recognized for its myriad benefits, one of which is enhancing intuition. This blog post will guide you on how to increase intuition through meditation.

Understanding Intuition

Before delving into how meditation can help, let’s first understand intuition a little better. Intuition is a form of knowledge that arises without rational or logical thought processes. It’s like an inner voice or gut feeling that nudges you towards a particular decision or understanding. While it might seem mystical, intuition is a part of our evolutionary survival toolkit, allowing us to quickly assess situations without the need for conscious reasoning.

How Meditation Enhances Intuition

Meditation is a practice that allows us to quiet the mind, becoming more in tune with our inner selves. As we meditate, we silence the constant chatter of our minds, allowing more subtle insights to surface. This state of heightened awareness can help us better perceive and strengthen our intuitive impulses.

Meditation enhances intuition in the following ways:

  1. Quiets the Mind: The incessant chatter of our thoughts often drowns out our intuitive voice. Meditation helps us achieve a calm and focused mind where intuition can flourish.
  2. Increases Self-Awareness: Regular meditation cultivates a deeper understanding of oneself. This self-awareness makes us more attuned to our feelings and hunches.
  3. Improves Sensory Perception: Meditation often involves focusing on the senses, which can heighten our perception and make us more receptive to intuitive insights.
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Steps to Increase Intuition Through Meditation

Here’s a simple meditation routine you can follow to enhance your intuition:

  1. Find a Quiet Space: Find a peaceful spot where you won’t be disturbed. It could be a quiet room in your house or a calm outdoor area.
  2. Get Comfortable: Sit comfortably, ensuring your back is straight. You can sit on a chair, cross-legged on the floor, or use a meditation cushion.
  3. Focus on Your Breath: Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Notice how it flows in and out. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your breath.
  4. Allow Thoughts to Flow: Instead of suppressing thoughts, let them flow freely. Observe them without judgment, then let them pass, returning your focus to your breath.
  5. Pay Attention to Feelings and Sensations: As you delve deeper into the meditation, pay attention to any feelings, sensations, or images that arise. These could be intuitive messages trying to surface.
  6. Practice Regularly: The key to enhancing intuition through meditation is a regular practice. Make it a part of your daily routine for the best results.


Intuition is a powerful tool that can guide us through life’s complexities. By incorporating meditation into our daily routine, we can unlock this inner wisdom and make decisions with greater confidence and clarity.

Remember, meditation is not a race but a journey of self-discovery and growth. Practice patience, remain consistent, and over time, you’ll witness a heightened sense of intuition guiding you on your path.


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