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The Best Meditation Podcasts in 2024

A meditation podcast is one of the best things that will integrate meditation into your life and also make you interested in the practice. The podcasts really work well with the meditation as you can listen to them whenever you have either a lunch break or some free time.

There are many ways to practice meditation but sometimes we may lose attention or other times we won’t find enough time to practice it. So, the meditation podcasts will help you to practice meditation in easy and simple ways.

Daily meditation podcasts will help you to stay away from stress and anxiety, whether you practice it day or night; just spend 15 minutes of your time. So, in this article, we have listed the best meditation podcasts that you can listen to.

What is a meditation podcast?

A meditation podcast is a helpful tool for meditative practice, and it includes guided meditation from a teacher or practitioner, interviews, and speakers. It will create an extraordinary meditation experience so that people can practice it in their everyday lives. The benefits of meditation podcasts are many, from making you calm to helping you get good sleep.

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Can you meditate with a podcast?

The meditation podcasts are for everyone as they can be used for both beginners and more advanced meditators. People of all ages can meditate using a podcast as it helps to reach specific health and wellness goals. There are a variety of the best meditation podcasts available online.

Does Spotify have Meditation Podcasts Available?

Yes, you can find meditation podcasts on Spotify and you will find a wide range of collections. While some help you to practice meditation, sleep, anxiety, stress relief, and others. Depending on your wellness goals, you can find the meditation podcast on Spotify.

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Are guided meditations good?

Guided meditation is one of the best ways to practice meditation, and it will help you stay in the present for a longer period. If you are practicing guided meditation, then your mind won’t be at the point of complete stillness as you are focusing on two different things. The first is the voice of the object, and the second is the object of the meditation.

The 5 Best Meditation Podcasts

The Daily Shine

The Daily Shine is a podcast that meets meditation, and it mainly helps you to take a calm breath, build self-care skills, and cope with stress and anxiety. This podcast covers 10-minute daily meditation guides, and this will be the best-recommended podcast for a newbie.

As with every small baby step, you will learn how to tap into things that will make you joyful and happier. You can listen to this podcast every single day, and it will be one of the best ways to gain mental health.

Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation is run by mindful.org, which is a digital magazine; it helps to achieve meditation, mindfulness, and wellness. They offer all kinds of programs like training, directories, content, and even courses to learn how to get a healthier mindset.

It comes in episodes, and each episode will be short, and it covers topics like surviving difficult emotions, gratitude, and even meditation for kids.

This is the best meditation podcast for sleep, and along with this, it also offers benefits like increased attention, focus, creativity, calm, resilience, and passion. It will bring benefits to your everyday life.

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On Being

On Being is a free meditation podcast and this is the Peabody award-winning podcast. It mainly focuses on learning what it means to be human and help to experience the immensity of human.

If you want to bring the meditative approach to life, then you can try this. As such, it acts as an intersection between spirituality, the arts, poetry, science, and social healing. It has episodes and each episode will explore a deeply human topic, which sounds extremely incredible. This is one of the best meditation podcasts, which will offer a unique experience.

Sleep Whispers

The sleep whispers consist of whispered reading and ramblings, and this mainly helps people to get a good sleep and to get relaxed. They offer soothing stories, tranquil poems, meditation, Wikipedia articles, and listener feedback. They cover a total of 250 past episodes, so you don’t have to worry about running out quickly.

I Should be Meditating

There are people who are unable to practice meditation, no matter what they try. It would be difficult for them to naturally practice meditation. If you are one of them, then you have got “I should be meditating” by Alan Klima. This podcast supports the idea of forcing meditation on someone if it is not doing any favors.

The podcast offers a well-rounded class on meditation, so it will help people to stay open and curious about learning what meditation can be. The main aim of exploring meditation practice is to find out what works for you, and in this podcast; Alan Klima has followed the same. You can get this best-meditation podcast for free.

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Final Thoughts 

The mentioned podcasts are considered the best meditation podcasts, and some of the podcasts consist of affirmations, guided meditations, yoga, and meditation together, and a few have breathing techniques to let anxiety and stress go.

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