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10 Mindfulness Activities To Do Over Zoom to Reduce Stress and Increase Calm

Practicing mindfulness is one of the greatest things that you can do to your body, mind, and soul. But the modern and busy lifestyle won’t give us enough time to practice mindfulness, even though we know its benefits of it. That is why virtual mindfulness was introduced which is easy and simple to practice from anywhere and anytime.

As technology is developing, both young children and adults are facing a lot of distractions. The students are attending online classes, and the adults are having online meetings, as the pandemic has totally turned them into virtual people. So, this will create unnecessary stress and they will get easily frustrated even when the internet is not working.

So, to practice mindfulness activities over zoom as here you can see all kinds of meditators are supporting and growing together. Also, this kind of zoom session is available 24 hours a day, and 5 days a week, so you can drop into the session anytime.


What is zoom mindfulness?

Zoom mindfulness is one of the great ways for people to stay together when they can’t connect physically together. The zoom mindfulness will improve employee productivity, and also it will give the tool which will block unwanted distractions. Even it will help to create a positive environment around you.

How do you start a meeting with a Mindful moment?

Here are a few mindfulness exercises to start a meeting;

  • Start every meeting with a mindful breath
  • Set intention for every meeting
  • Even you can include a meaningful quote for the agenda
  • Break the ice with the clients and incorporate a few games
  • Play calming music to soothe the environment
  • Spend few times in analyzing individual milestones and achievements
  • Finally, close the meeting with some gratitude
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How does zoom help in teaching mindfulness?

In most cases, employees and adults won’t find enough time, so it would be a better idea to teach them 5 minute mindfulness activities.

  1. Mindful breathing which you can practice sitting in the lotus position
  2. Mindful observation is a simple and powerful way to notice and appreciate simple elements
  3. Mindful awareness cultivates awareness and appreciation of simple daily tasks
  4. Mindful listening open your ears in a non-judgmental way and train your mind not to get influenced by a past incidents and preconception
  5. Mindful appreciation is the thing that you notice that goes unappreciated


10 must-have mindfulness activities You Can Do Over Zoom

Listening exercise

One of the best virtual mindfulness activities for employees is the listening exercise as you need to listen to other people carefully, and most fail to listen. In this training, you can give a specific topic to the person and ask them to talk for 1 to 2 minutes. This will helps in better communication and incite active listening.

Breathing exercise

If you are practicing mindfulness activities over zoom, then the breathing exercise is the most recommended one. When you breathe together with your co-workers, it will make everyone feel present and aware. Even together the team can inhale for 5 seconds, pause for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, and rest for 5 seconds.

Belly breathing

Belly breathing is a diaphragm breathing exercise where students will place a hand on their belly and feel the belly gets expanded and contracted. Take a deep breath for 5 seconds and release it for three seconds, and repeat the same for a few minutes.

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Alternate nostril breathing

Alternate nostril breathing is a basic Pranayam technique, and using one hand you will place the thumb and ring finger on the nostril at a time. Then put pressure in right nostril and inhale via the left nostril, and release without exhaling. Then do vice versa, by putting pressure on the left nostril and inhaling via the right nostril.


This is the best mindfulness activities for adults, as here we will take the mindfulness activities over zoom in the outdoors. Trace the leaf or your hand slowly, and when you inhale your eyes will go up and during your exhale, it will go down. It will embrace the inner child without any judgment.

Touching and feeling

The touching and feeling are a combination of a few movements, as you can simply walk barefoot and then ask yourself questions about what the ground floor feels like. Even you can go to outdoor or inside the house you can walk on different floors.

Sensory experience

This is the best mindfulness activities for students as it helps in learning and enhances the children’s overall development. You can ask students to hold any object in their hand and ask them what they experience in terms of color, texture, etc. This exercise is suitable for all ages of students.

Guided storytelling

This would be the best idea as here you will introduce new concept or lesson in the mindfulness activities over zoom. Here, you will ask the students to close the eyes, and they will guided by your voice. For example, if you describe a long walk in the forest, then they will start imagining it. To make it more interesting and get more experience, you can incorporate more sounds.

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Stand up and tune into your body

Movement is one of the best things to practice in the mindfulness activities over zoom, and it will be a refreshing mindfulness activity for work meeting. As they will be sitting for a longer time, ask them to take a walk, tune into their body, and make sure how their body feels.

Take time to practice gratitude

Finally, when the session gets completed ask the participants to write three things which they are grateful for that took place during the session or in their life.

Bottom Line

The mindfulness activities over zoom are not similar to the mindfulness which we practice in the outer environment. But the virtual mindfulness has proven that people can practice mindfulness anywhere. You will definitely enjoy the meeting session as it will be full of incorporating visuals, sensory experiences, soothing background music, and other fun mindfulness activities.

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