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Yoga Outfit Ideas: What Should You Wear to Yoga Classes?

Yoga is much more than a class. It is a lifestyle! Once are in a yoga outfit, you might be wearing it for hours together. Yoga involves a lot of challenging bending and stretching postures. So, one must wear something comfortable for a seamless transition to various yoga poses. These yoga outfit ideas are great to give you an idea.

Yoga Outfit Idea Fundamentals

While your choice of yoga outfit sets largely pivots around your preferences, there are some fundamentals of yoga outfit ideas that one should follow. Whatever may be the case, one should look for:

  • Comfort: Nothing could be worse than doing yoga exercises by wearing an uncomfortable yoga outfit. Comfort is crucial for yoga exercises, as none can concentrate on the yoga postures with tight or itchy sensations, saggy feeling, and binding chafing fabrics. These are sure to distract you during your yoga practice. So, your yoga outfit must fit you just right.
  • Breathability: The yoga outfit must be breathable, and have moisture-wicking properties to be comfortable. Whether you will sweat a little or a lot depends on the type and intensity of the yoga exercise you do. As such, it is a must-have requirement for your yoga outfit. When you wear such a yoga dress, it will keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Flexibility: Yoga involves intensive bending, lunging, stretching, binding, etc. So, the yoga outfit you wear must be able to withstand such challenging movements. Moreover, it should stay in place during the process otherwise will create a lot of embarrassment by hiking up or slipping down. So, one must get something that is squat-proof.
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What to Consider Wearing For Yoga Classes

It is the most vital question when looking for yoga outfit ideas. The cute yoga pants outfits of the present day combine function with fashion. They come in all colors, wild patterns with mesh cutouts, and have pockets. Consider the following when purchasing yoga gear.

  • Yoga leggings or pants: Multiple styles of yoga leggings or yoga pants are there in varying lengths and fits. Pants made blending nylon, polyester, and spandex are a good choice as these allow you to do all yoga postures and also wick moisture. Always look for leggings or pants that have a high waist, as they are unlikely to slip during intensive yoga exercises. Remember that you will be barefooted during yoga classes. So, get something that fits above the ankle to avoid tripping over. In case you wear a loose-fitted outfit that must clinch to the ankle. No matter if you are wearing form-fitting or loose pants, always go for something opaque.
  • Yoga shorts: Several brands make yoga shorts with built-in liners to ensure comfort during challenging stretchy practices. Longer yoga shorts reaching to the knee are also available. These ensure comfort and coverage during inversions which is another vital requirement for yoga outfit ideas. Better, do not go for pants that are too short; more coverage on the leg helps in balancing postures.
  • Yoga tops: You should get one that is loose enough for breathing and snug enough to hug the body. Most yoga practitioners prefer to wear form-fitting shirts or tank tops. They are comfortable, sit on the hip, and waist and prevent slipping and falling over the head when you do a forward bending posture. Never get something that itches or chafes under the armpits and they must absorb sweat.
  • Yoga jackets: A majority of people mistakenly believe that wearing fewer clothes is the best for yoga classes. The reality is different. Studies reveal that wearing a thin jacket helps to raise body temperature and loosens muscles. It also gives a good layering effect. One can also wear a sweater during winter. It will protect you from the chill when you leave the warm environment of the yoga class.
  • Sports bras: Regular bras are not suitable for yoga exercises. Choosing the right bra is vital for yoga outfit ideas. Yoga involves several high-intensity postures where one has to twist the body and go upside down. Such challenging postures need more support and common underwire bras cannot give that. So, one must have a sports bra. Always check its moisture-wicking properties and abrasion resistance for avoiding chafing. Your choice of a bra depends on the size and the coverage you need. Better pick a low to medium-impact sports bra. It will reduce bounces and give you the support you need. Some yoga practitioners wear only a sports bra, for intensive and sweatier yoga exercises.
  • Yoga socks: Some people wear socks while doing yoga exercises. It prevents their feet from slipping. It is better to wear yoga socks. They come with plastic or rubber soles and provide hard grips. They also keep one warm, improve balance, and protect the feet. These are available in many varieties like open-toe socks.
  • Breathable underwear: Like any other sport, yoga involves movements that result in sweating. So, one should wear breathable underwear with a yoga outfit. Buy something that absorbs sweat and does not chafe. However, some prefer to wear yoga pants without underwear. In such a case, you have to wash the yoga pant after every session.
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Final Note 

While several factors influence what yoga outfit will be the best for you, the thumb rule is to go for comfort over style. Now that you have gone through the yoga outfit ideas and have a fair knowledge of the best yoga outfits, get something that breathes and stretches to make you comfortable during your yoga exercises.

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