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The 10 Best Free Yoga Online Classes to Consider

There is no denying that yoga is great for your body, mind, and soul. Yoga makes one strong and flexible by toning muscles and improving blood circulation. It further promotes deep breathing patterns. It is why people rush to the nearest yoga studio.

But it may not be possible for everyone to attend a yoga studio physically. The online yoga classes are the Messiah for them. These help to develop core strength & posture and enhance mind-body coordination. The online yoga classes have various programs that suit everyone, no matter what is their fitness level.

As the popularity of yoga classes has increased, yoga teachers have understood that online classes could be a lucrative business. As a result, most online yoga classes are against payments. However, here is a list of the 10 best yoga free-online classes for you.

10 Best Free Yoga Online Classes

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler happens to be an international yoga teacher. She has a mission to help people achieve mental, emotional, and physical health. With this aim, she has structured yoga free-online classes program spanning 30 days. Each of these yoga programs averages 25 minutes each.

Its unique pace and instruction make this program a better option for beginners. It includes many things from healing and stretching to core strength and breathing, and many more. The program gives one a unique understanding of the yoga principles for improved health and mindfulness. It is available free on YouTube.

Yoga Download Free Classes

Yoga Download boasts an exhaustive collection of yoga free-online classes for beginners to try. These classes focus on different yoga styles so that beginners can learn the basic principles.

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Their mindful movement program is all about yoga fusion that leads one through a unique sequence including sagittal, frontal, and the transverse planes of movements. They also have a Deep 30 Volume program for the intermediate level. It involves a full-body swirl for 30 minutes to lead you to a potential form of stillness.

Power Yoga

Being the ultimate mind-body exercise, Power Yoga practices ensure both physical and mental changes. While they have different paid plans, one can also join the Power Yoga program for free. By joining them, one gets access to 20 free classes and series.

No matter if one wants to have gentle flow or strengthening, or both of them, Power Yoga programs can deliver the same. It also holds a 10-minute meditation class for anxiety and a 90-minute class for improving self-awareness and fostering inner strength. If you find free classes suitable, you may opt for their premium classes.

Fightmastr Yoga

This YouTube channel has videos on yoga free-online classes that cover everyone from beginners to the advanced. You will find 45 minutes Hatha classes and total body yoga workouts for 30 minutes, Ashtanga classes for an hour, a full-body yoga stretch routine for 20 minutes, and morning yoga stretches that make one spirited after getting out of bed.

It further covers guided meditation and counts on daily practices without being fastidious about correct poses. You can find videos on yoga for stress, yoga for balancing the mind, etc.


It is a massive site for yoga free-online classes.  It includes a diverse community and supports Yoga and Meditation practices for all levels from beginners to the advanced.

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If you are a beginner who wants to extend the horizon by knowing the power of yoga and meditation, there is everything for you. You can create a free account and have access to more than 500 videos on various Yoga practices. The videos include the best techniques for different yoga varieties and balancing the mind.

Five Parks Yoga

Besides holding yoga classes in studios at various locations, Five Parks Yoga also offers more than 300 yoga free-online classes. People from around the world are joining the YouTube channel hosted by Erin Sampson to avail of the online Yoga classes.

There are many videos for Yoga to relieve neck & shoulder tension, vigorous vinyasa flow yoga classes, yoga for calming the nervous system, and many more. They also have yoga classes for specific body needs like chest & back yoga classes, spine & core yoga classes, deep stretch yoga classes, etc.

Yoga with Kassandra

They have been teaching yoga since 2014 and offer 700 plus yoga free-online classes for sharing. If you are new to yoga, then start with the free 7-day beginner yoga challenge. You can also start the free yoga & meditation challenge for 7 days program. It includes 15 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of meditation every morning.

Their morning yoga movement takes only 10 minutes a day for 30 days and fits all experience levels. One can also join the free evening yoga movement for 30 days. It is all about your bedtime challenges and takes 15 minutes every night for 30 days.

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Brett Larkin is an experienced yoga instructor and offers interactive yoga free-online classes on the YouTube Channel. The YouTube Channel has millions of views, and there are hundreds of free yoga videos that one can use to learn different yoga exercises.

They include many things from morning yoga, Hatha flow yoga, and easy kundalini practice for beginners. There are also videos for detox yoga fusion, chakra challenge, yoga for strength & flexibility, and many more.

Yoga Journal

They have tons of written content on yoga and meditation. Besides these, Yoga Journal shares yoga free-online classes videos on its YouTube Channel.

The videos cover different yoga poses & sequences, and meditation techniques. Since they have organized the videos by level and style, they deliver the best results to practitioners. Their collection includes videos on quick beginner sequences, 30-minute yoga sequences for beginners, Yoga Nidra, yoga culture, and many lifestyle issues.

Crunch Live

Crunch Live offers more than 85 yoga free-online classes and workouts to achieve a cutting-edge fitness level. One can preview videos on Yoga Body Sculpt, Belly, Butt, & Thigh Bootcamp, etc, and choose from their online workouts that suit all fitness levels and schedules. By joining them, one can avail of a generous free trial for 90 days.

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