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Meditation for Manifestation – 5 Things You Need To Know Right Now

Meditation for manifestation brings out positive changes in human beings by changing the thought process. We have around 60,000 unconscious thoughts per day as per research, but most are negative thoughts. But, meditation for manifestation is helpful in affirmation meditation to cut the negativity from our life.

Now the question is, what is meditation for manifestation? Let’s discover what exactly this is and how to manifest our dreams during meditation.

What is Meditation for Manifestation?

In a typical meditation process, the purpose remains to clear existing thoughts and to bring calmness to the mind. But, it has its limitations. If you are inclined to have positive thoughts inside you, then you have to choose meditation for manifestation.

A manifestation meditation is nothing but a specifically designed meditation process to align you with positive thoughts. It can connect the emotions of your dream as well as desire so that all negativity is erased and you can be a powerhouse of positive sources. People will be attracted to you only due to your positive frame of mind. The core components of manifestation meditation are visualization, gratitude, affirmation, and release of desire to the world.

Like attracts like, so when you choose to have some positive emotions throughout the day, then only you will be able to attract more like towards you. The same applies to visualizing your dreams and desire. You have to match with the frequency of the same to feel it.

Core Components of Meditation for Manifestation

Among all, visualization, affirmation, gratitude, and letting go are the core components in case of meditation for manifestation. Let’s check one by one:

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Visualization is the cornerstone of the entire manifestation meditation process. It allows you to visualize exactly what you want. Several guided meditation processes will take you through a day that you dreamt about. You will be able to visualize all the things that you desired as a part of an ideal life.

That can be the type of house where you want to stay or the class of people with whom you want to interact, etc. The success of visualization does not come in viewing the details that you want in your ideal life but to feel all those positive vibes and emotions at any point in time.

When you will be able to do this, then you will be able to connect yourself with what you want. A positive thinking attitude automatically comes within you and you become the source of such for your dreams to turn into reality.


There is a conflict of versions regarding whether positive affirmation is a part of meditation for manifestation or not. While some believe that it is an integral part, a section of people also think that positive affirmation is not always a part of manifestation meditation.

Whatever it is, let’s discuss the qualities of it that uplift the vibration and align with the desire. If you go by the words, a positive affirmation is designed to encourage and uplift self-belief by supporting our overall well-being of us.

If you ask about some examples of manifestation affirmations, then here are those:

  • I will choose my path and what I want to become
  • I have the freedom to create my future
  • My life is filled with an unlimited abundance
  • Whatever I can imagine, I’m able to create it
  • All that I’m looking for that I can find within me
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These are examples of positive affirmations that take lion’s share in the meditation for the manifestation process.


In the case of meditation for manifestation, gratitude plays a big role in it. This is the highest vibration that you can offer at any point in time. You can express your gratitude for what you already have and what is coming in the future.

The more you show gratitude from within, the more you will feel grateful for life. And, the more you feel grateful, the more positive thoughts will surround you.

Letting Go

Desires are like a balloon. When it is released, let you watch it disappear into the sky. Once gone, sit back and keep that faith that whatever you wanted is already on the way.

Letting go means releasing your concerns regarding any event when and how to happen. You have set an intention and now you should have full trust for making it happen.

How to do Meditation for Manifestation?

Couple of things you need to have a successful meditation for manifestation. Here are those:

You need to find a comfortable spot where there will be no interruption. You must set aside at least 10 minutes every day for this practice. Gradually you can increase the duration once you feel interested in this. You can sit cross-legged on the floor or even on a chair with your feet on the ground.

You need to relax your shoulders and should open up your chest. Next, place your hands on your thigh or knee with the palms facing upward. This is called the receiving mode.

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You need to spend some minutes in this posture and take a few deep breaths in between. The inhale and exhale will help you in reaching a normal and comfortable rhythm.

Now with closed eyes, try to visualize a perfect day when you had your dreams and desires were fulfilled. Start from waking up in the morning and go through every detail as much as possible. While you are visualizing, the positive emotions will touch your dream and desire. You need to feel it and must concentrate on that to collect maximum positive energy.

You must finish your visualization by thinking of yourself lying in bed and expressing gratitude for what you have received so far. Inhale gratitude and exhale it back to the universe. You will get your desired confidence for any work.

This is all about meditation for manifestation where positive energy is the key to be imparted into you. For that, you need to exercise on regular basis to obtain the best possible results. Meditation for manifestation is the key to positivity and is instrumental in your success. So, you have to work with that if you are serious to fulfil your dreams and desires.

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