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Refocus Your Day with One Minute Mindfulness Exercises

You might feel that five minutes is a very small amount of time, but the fact is, that time is enough to complete so many activities if you are interested to do so. Apart from all, it is very much possible to have a guided 5 min meditation every day if you are serious about it. It will set the tone of the day and you will feel completely different than any other day.

We live in a world where people are always busy and don’t have time to look after themselves. But with any 1-minute mindfulness exercise, one can compose himself without any extra effort. Your mind and body will have a strong balance and the coordination among different organs will be much better than before. You can experience reduced stress, increased focus, and better productivity with these guided 1 min meditation sessions.

Let’s dive into it.

Refocus Your Day with guided 5 min meditation

Benefits of One-Minute Mindfulness Exercises

Applying 1-minute meditation in your daily life is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. Among your daily activities, just set aside five minutes and practice meditation as directed to have a better life. It will keep you active and alert throughout the day and will push up your brain to perform creative things.

You can have guided 1 min meditation either in the morning or at night. Even, you can do the same during your office hours also. It will help you immensely in improving focus and attention towards any subject and also will uplift your mood and immunity in a great way. The quality of sleep will be better than before and you will be a completely different person once you start practicing the same for some days.

If you are a starter and wish to understand the benefits of meditation, a guided 5 min meditation is the perfect start for you. After doing the same for some time, you will automatically give more time to this practice once you find good results.

But whatever you try, still if you struggling with practicing meditation, then you can try mindfulness exercises. We all do meditate to cultivate mindfulness, and whatever meditation you are practicing routinely, will help you to achieve mindfulness. Maybe meditation and mindfulness sound different words, but both improve mental health and physical well-being.

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For example, if we want to improve our sports skills, then the first thing we try will be physical exercise. As these physical exercises will increase stamina, and also it will improve speed and strength. Finally, we can able to do better in sports.

In the same way, if you practice mindfulness before meditation then it will bring more awareness to your body, and also make you feel calm, clear, and content. If you are new to meditation or struggling hard to practice meditation, then 1-minute mindfulness exercises will provide encouragement and support.

Here, we have recommended five best 1-minute mindfulness exercises to practice before guided 5 min meditation for better results.

Refocus Your Day with guided 5 min meditation

The 5 Best One-Minute Mindfulness Exercises

Yawn and stretch

Here, you will be faking your yawn, as this may sound funny, but a yawn interrupts our body’s normal thought process as it is an automatic process that takes our body completely. Stretch your body while you yawn for 20 seconds, and hold the positing for a longer time. Then after a few moments, you can come back to reality.

Forest Gump technique

The Forest Gump technique is nothing but simply sitting and observing things. It is a great technique to observe all your five senses. Find a bench or a chair in the outdoor spot, and start feeling your senses by throwing questions. Can you smell the vegetation and trees around you? How does the bench feel?  Are the birds singing? Can you feel the wind against your face?

Wash your hands mindfully

This is also a 1 minute mindfulness exercises for two reasons washing your hands will happen in the bathroom which is a quiet place and it happens multiple times a day.  When you reach to wash your hands, slowly see yourself in the mirror and consider it as a trigger that will make you come back to the present.

Then, slowly turn on the tap, and feel the temperature of the water. Now, you can lather the soap on your hands slowly and it should not be quickly. Finally, rinse your hands, and turn the tap off. This will make you concentrate on every activity that happens in a day.

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Use the STOP method

(S) Stand up and breathe

(T) Tune into your body and see how it feels, note down every physical sensation

(O) Observe the sensation whether it is positive or negative

(P) Possibility as you need to ask yourself what is possible at this moment, and can it be a turning point of the day

Mindful breathing

Take one minute to breathe consciously and mindfully, and try to pay attention to the natural process of breathing which is a different experience.

Steps for a Guided One-Minute Meditation

If you only have five minutes for meditation, that’s fine initially. Here is how you can implement it.

Set Aside Time

Keep a fixed time of five minutes within a day. This is important as you need to be cool, calm, and quiet once you are ready for meditation. A particular time will help to keep the motivation alive.

Relax Your Body

Once you are ready for a guided 5 min meditation, just close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths and release the tension. Count one on completion of each mentioned below:

  • Start inhaling slowly from the belly region
  • Then shift into ribs
  • After that, into the chest
  • Gradually move up to the crown of your head
  • Finally, gently hold your breath for the last count

You can reverse the process by exhaling your breath for another five counts. Concentrating on your breath while you are inhaling or exhaling releases your stress and tension in a great way. It helps you to focus on a particular thing and makes you a different person by thinking differently.

Focus Your Mind

A guided 5 min meditation is the best option to focus your mind on the right track. Start concentrating on anything and gradually expand the area of thinking. You will be highly benefited once you successfully perform the same.

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Keep Going

Continue the exercise for at least five minutes daily and find a relaxed mind and body that can stay active throughout the day. Once you carry on this guided 5 min meditation, your stress will be relieved in a great way.

Tips and Tricks for One-Minute Mindfulness Exercises

Here are a few special tips that will help you immensely during your meditation:

  • Position yourself comfortably with a good sitting position and proper dress to get maximum out of the meditation.
  • Try not to be too focused initially as the meditation will go on at its own pace and your focus level will automatically increase. No need to give any extra effort.
  • You can play meditation-related music or can use aromatherapy to increase the productivity of the session. These are not mandatory but can add convenience to you if needed.
  • Gradually you must try meditation for a longer period beyond five minutes to reap maximum benefits. It will help you in a great way to compose yourself in any circumstances.

How to Try 1-minute mindfulness exercises

For most people, every day goes as per a busy schedule, but you need to find out at least five minutes for yourself. Then only you can find the advantages of meditation. Keep your mobile phone or laptop away for five minutes and you will get time for your meditation.

If you are not sure at what time you can do meditation, then you can choose the morning slot. After a good sleep, once you are out of your bed, then it is the perfect time to start meditation. It will not only help you to compose yourself and will last for the day but also will help you to focus and prioritize your activities in order. Some people prefer to have a guided 5 min meditation at night after ending the day’s work. They use the power of meditation to sleep at night peacefully without any disturbances and can start the next day’s life without any intervention.

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