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8 Best Meditation Forums That You Should Follow

The concept of meditation is ruling the internet world, as the world is getting busy and moving towards technology, everyone wants to try meditation to relieve stress. Even many scientific studies have proven that meditation will increase focus, decrease stress, and also provide relief from chronic pain and illness.

But to start with meditation is not a very easy task, especially if you are a beginner. You need to turn off the mental chatter and the buzz of thoughts that includes family, work, bills, and others. That is why we have recommended the best meditation forums which help you to achieve the practice of meditation in a simple and easy way.

The 8 Best Meditation Forums to Follow

Here are the best meditation forums that will break out your cushion and make meditation part of your daily routine.

Vipassana Forum

Vipassana Forum is home to the community of meditation practitioners since 2007 and this will be the best place to practice meditation for both beginners and experienced. If you are struggling practicing meditation, then they will provide links to help around. If you have any questions or issues, visit their FAQ page as it will give all answers to your queries.

There will be a search button at the top of the page and you can simply search for what you are looking for. The forum has 33,231 posts and it got replies for a total of 3,005 topics. Also, they have an extensive library where you can get a link to talks, book recommendations, online texts, and others.

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Pure Dhamma

Pure Dhamma is all about Buddha where the participants need to spend little time getting relieved from the stress and learn the full message of Buddha. The forum discusses the topics that overlap science and Buddhism.

This forum is all about recovering the Buddha’s true teaching, which helps the well-being to change well and to purify the human mind. You will practice Dhamma here to achieve peace state of mind, to have a better life experience in the upcoming births, to get released from the cycle of rebirth which is filled with dissatisfaction, and finally to seek permanent happiness.

Happiness Forum

This is the platform that is specially made for people who wanted to deepen their understanding of meditation and mindfulness. The forum offers a lot of the best mindfulness tips, and also here you can learn new meditation styles and how it helps you in real life.

This is considered the safest forum as here you can discuss your mental health, personal struggles, and the pursuit of happiness. They share experiences, tools, and practices which empower everyone to live a happy and fulfilled life. The ultimate goal is to offer meditation practices that lead to a happy life for everyone.

About Meditation Forums

About Meditation Forum is known for providing every resource which is required for meditation. Here, meditation is not only practiced to relieve stress but also it is practiced to relax, stimulate creativity, and cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and enlightenment.

As per this form, they feel that meditation is the most important part of human life like deep sleep and delicious food. It helps to live a rich life and this forum has a team of creative people who helps to learn meditation to grow and thrive. They also offer different types of courses depending on the needs of the participants.

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Reddit » Meditation

Reddit meditation is the best place if you want to know about the real experiences of people, stories, and any instructions which are related to practicing meditation. This forum has started in 2008 and daily there will be 30 posts a day which is related to meditation.

In this forum, the people can share resources like images, and videos or they can talk about their spiritual and mindfulness journey. People from all over the world will be posting their views and opinions on meditation. Even you can stay on current trend as it will show all the current news which is related to meditation.

Religious Forums

This religious forum is especially dedicated to prayers and meditation, and it consists of a chat room where you can discuss the practice of the day. Even you can share your religious stories, meditation music, prayer, and more.

This will be the best place to discuss all your religion around the world in friendly surroundings. All you need to do is just log in to the forum and start chatting about religion and meditation.

Mindfulness Exercise Community

The mindfulness exercise community is a place where people will have a free discussion on mindfulness exercises which results in greater calm, clarity, purpose, and resilience. Here, you will get to know about the formal meditation practices; even you can share your experiences, and ask questions if you have doubt about meditation.

This will be the best platform for those who want to get relieved of stress and anxiety. This is an online platform so you can invite people who live near you and form personal clubs and communities. This way you can safely and comfortably do practice of mindfulness.

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Meditation Forum

The meditation forum is especially dedicated to the people who can discuss various techniques of meditation, guide, and its advantage. If you have any queries related to meditation you can ask on the platform and a discussion will be conducted with your fellow meditation practitioners.

The forums contain a number of posts on different topics, so people who have doubts about meditation can go and check the posts. Even you can chat with the forum members regarding the meditation and how to practice it. If you are looking for a simple forum to practice meditation, then try this.

Bottom Line:

The meditation forum is considered the place for everyone either beginner or experienced participants and here, they will mainly discuss the practice and views of meditation. If you really want to try meditation, then try these best meditation forums which is the best place to start.


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