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10 Must-Have Mindfulness Books for Kids

In the fast-paced and busy world, we don’t find enough time to spend with our children in healing their emotions and feeling, which are often difficult to sense. Even many studies has undergone analyzing the children and found that children are increasingly suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety.

So, it is important for the parents to introduce mindfulness to their children which helps them to focus and manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop a positive outlook on the world. There are plenty of mindfulness books for adults, but when it comes to kids you need to be cautious to choosing the best mindfulness books for kids.

Why do children need mindfulness books?

It would be the best investment to spend money on mindfulness books for kids as it helps the children to notice the positives and to get perspectives on the negatives. It helps them to develop a sense of appreciation, contentment, and gratitude.

Also, most children are undergoing a lot of stress and anxiety which many parents don’t know. The practicing of mindfulness in kids reduces the risk of mental-related issues, and here we have books for kids that are based on the mindfulness-concept which your children can enjoy.

10 Must-Have Mindfulness Books for Kids

Wondrous You

Wondrous You by Kayla Floyd provide the kids with gentle life through fun and thought-provoking poems. Everything in this book is so beautifully mentioned from the imagery, color down the titles, to the choice of words. It will help your children to understand their place in the world and they can easily navigate challenging feelings and circumstances.

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Breathe with me

Breathe with me by Mariam Gates is a book that comes with powerful imagery and if your children are undergoing frequent anxiety then this book will work best for them. It offers five different ways to think about breathing in total. This book will definitely make your kid live in the present moment and it is so brilliant and relatable for the kids.

A handful of quiet

A handful of quiet: Happiness in four pebbles by Thich Nhat Hanh is a playful and fun activity book, and it helps both the parents and educators to introduce meditation in their children’s life. It involves the children in a hands-on and creative way and helps them to develop interconnection with nature. This book not only reduces the stress but also improves gratitude and concentration and helps them to deal with difficult emotions.

Mighty mindful kids

Mighty Mindful Kids by Mindfulmazing is a printable e-book and this is especially for kids from 2 to 10 years old. This is considered the best mindfulness books for kids and it includes easy and effective steps to practice mindfulness for your kids in their daily life. It includes 40 easy mindfulness activities which help them your children to engage in the right way.

Look and be grateful

Look and be grateful by Tomie dePaola is considered an aesthetic book and it consists of soft lines filled with gentle colors. It helps your kids to dream about the celebration of gratitude in the present moment and from the time a boy or girl wakes what kind of situation they face and how to handle it. This is for kids from age 0 to 3.

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Listening to my body

Listening to my body by Gabi Garcia is considered an interactive book and it mainly engage children to name their feelings and sensations and understand the connection between them. This book is suitable for the kid age group from 8 to 12 years old. In most children, the feelings and sensation about the people and their environment remain unexplained, and this book will provide the answers.

It teaches the children about mindfulness activities and helps them to develop emotional resilience. This is really a nice and effective book and will guide the children.

I am peace

I am peace by Susan Verde and this is considered the best mindfulness book for kids. The book comes with pictures so they can easily find peace through mindfulness practice. It is an ideal tool even for the teachers and parents, and it will bring a clear message about the awareness and understanding of the manner for the kids. It will connect your kids with Earth and it will help them to stay in the present.

Mindful kids

Mindful Kids by Whitney Stewart and Mina Bram is for kids who are above 4 years and it helps your children to practice mindfulness during any part of the day. It benefits in many ways such as helping the kids to find calm, focus, open their hearts, and achieve rest and relaxation.

It comes with 5 categories of cards that will fit into each part of the day, and this can be used either for bedtime books or to practice mindfulness.

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Sitting still like a frog

Sitting still like a frog by Eline Snel is especially for kids who have anxieties and worries, and it helps your kid to find mindfulness practice in a simple and kid-friendly way. This book will help your children to learn concentration, deal with anxiety and stress, and also handle demanding emotions. This book also comes in a 60-minute audio CD of guided exercises.

Big life journal

The big life journal is mainly to develop a growth mindset in children and helps them to think positively, embrace mistakes, and teach on how to achieve anything. It features new and interesting topics every week and the kids will go through a lot of colorful illustrations, inspiring stories, and engaging guided activities. Each page has plenty of room to draw and write.

Final Note

You can make your children read the mindfulness books every single day so that it will become a habit and they easily find ways when they are dealing with stress or having a lack of focus. Try these mindfulness books for kids to practice mindfulness in a simple and easy way.

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