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The 7 Best Meditation Retreats To Discover Your True Self

The benefits of meditation are many, but most people started to practice it as it reduces stress and improves overall mental health and physical well-being. You can practice meditation in a lot of places either you can sit in a quiet room or you can sit in the corner of the park. Nature offers a lot of ways for humans to practice meditation.

As the world is getting busy and hectic, the word “meditation retreats” is getting more and more popular. Most people started looking for the best meditation retreats either in their own place or going on their vacation.

You can find a lot of meditation retreats but in this article, we have recommended a few spots for meditation.

best meditation retreats

The 7 Best Meditation Retreats

The meditation retreat is considered an opportunity where you can go deeper with the meditation practice or here you can learn the techniques on how to begin one. There are lots of best meditation retreats in the world, and there you can immerse yourself in the practice, you can learn from others in the meditation community, or will get a chance to discuss the queries or concerns related to the meditation in general.

So, if you are looking for the best meditation retreats then we have recommended a few;

Esalen Institute

Esalen Institute is considered the overall best meditation retreats and it is located in the Big Sur, California. This retreat is known for conducting a variety of workshops, natural hot springs, a meditation hut, and an art barn. This institute offers mindfulness workshops, forest bathing, yoga instruction, and other classes which are specially designed for self-exploration.

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They offer a variety of the workshops such as getting mindfulness retreats from lawyers, self-love and kindness, meditation in nature, and so many others. The longest workshop will be conducted from   5 to 7 days, and here the participants will learn to integrate meditation into their daily lives. Apart from this, you can also enjoy exploring the 72 acres surrounding the Big Sur coastline.

Ananda in the Himalayas

Ananda means “extreme happiness”, and this meditation retreat in India is located among India’s unique and important geographical feature which is the Himalayas, the Ganges, and the ancient cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh.

This retreat holds an impressive record of holding influential guests like Oprah, Bill Gates, and many others. This place is even considered India’s most luxurious and authentic Ayurvedic wellness destination. They offer a variety of packages depending on the needs of guests. The most attractive source of this retreat is the tranquility and feeling of being with nature.

Ontario Vipassana Center

Vipassana is India’s oldest form of meditation center and its first taught is 2,500 years ago. This is located in Ontario, Canada, and its main aim is to teach practical methods of self-awareness and also how to find balance in life within ten days meditation retreat. In this 10 days program, the first 9 days will be the days of silence where you refrain from any kind of action which is considered harmful to you and others.

While performing the Anapana meditation you will observe your mind and calm your mind and then you moved to the Vipassana meditation which is the mental purification by insight.

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Spirit rock

The spirit rock is located in Woodacre, California, and for people who are interested in loving-kindness meditation then you can choose this place. They offer a breadth of retreats which is grounded in the teachings of Buddha and they are known as dharma.

All their meditation will concentrate on encouraging the awareness of the present moment, and being compassionate towards yourself and others. This retreat has 411 acres of land, so participants will get a chance to explore nature. Even they conduct online classes on Dharma talks, meditation instruction, and regularly scheduled practice meetings.

Shambhala Mountain Center

If you are looking for the best meditation retreats that should be combined with surfing, then you need to visit Shambhala Mountain Center. This is located in Sintra, Portugal, and in this retreat, they will conduct surf lessons, yoga classes, guided meditations, and delicious healthy meals. The people who want to achieve peace, balance, clarity, and happiness can join these meditation classes.

Apart from the meditation, the participants can also enjoy a short walk from the exquisite coastline to Sintra’s National Park. Also, they offer Pilates, forest therapy, guided walk, and sound journeys.

Rolling Meadow, Brooks

The Rolling Meadows is located in Brooks, Maine and they are surrounded by the hills of Coastal Maine. If you want to try something serious with meditation then you can prefer this retreat, and the retreats will be conducted throughout the year. The main aim of their retreat program is to increase the awareness among people and helps them to do daily schedule with multiple meditation sessions, and yoga.

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In your free time, you can enjoy the beauty of the land surrounding this retreat. They have 100 acres of property and they feature hiking trail, and a spring-fed pond for swimming.

Mount Madonna Center

The Mount Madonna Center is located in Watsonville, California and the participants who are interested in combining yoga and meditation can consider this retreat. This retreat has a 335-acre community and it is surrounded by redwoods and grasslands. They offer a variety of programs which is mainly focused on breath practice, yoga posture, Ayurveda, and yoga philosophy.

They also have a Hanuman temple for devotional practices and contemplation, and the retreat offers yoga classes online. The length of the retreat will be 6 days and the participants can choose the meditation package depending on their needs.

Bottom Line:

Meditation is one of the best ideal ways to control body, mind, and soul. Try out these best meditation retreats which help you to find out your true self of yours. Before you dive deep into the meditation retreats, you need to take time in exploring and trying different meditation methods.


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