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A Practical Guide to Transcendental Meditation Mantras

Maybe you are looking for Transcendental meditation. It deals with one unity, unified consciousness, and natural laws. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi started this movement in in1955. Perhaps, you have also heard about the Transcendental Meditation Mantras in your quest for inner peace. These mantras include different sounds that help to calm your busy mind. Read on to learn more about it.

Transcendental Meditation helps calm busy minds with Transcendental Meditation Mantras

What is Transcendental Meditation?

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a unique meditation technique. It involves repeating Transcendental Meditation Mantras for 15–20 minutes every day. People do this in a comfortable sting position with their eyes closed. It is a wonderful technique to infuse peace and calmness into daily life.

Whether one wants to slow down the rapid thoughts coming into the mind or seek relief from anxiety, it helps. TM is more personalized than other meditations because one cannot select the TM mantras and these are not readily available. Certified TM teachers teach this and anyone can practice and reap incredible benefits.

What are Transcendental Meditation Mantras?

TM mantras are special sounds that create desirable vibrations in the mind. Everyone knows the difference between words like love & hate and compassion and cruelty and can feel thoughts that rise in mind. Positive words make one more calm and negative words make one agitated. The fact is, one does not utter the words. Simply, thinking about those words causes associated feelings. TM mantras are passed by certified TM teachers through personal instruction.

Despite several YouTube transcendental meditation mantras available; one must get them from a teacher. They are all about the sound, and might not mean anything to you. As one advances, the teacher may add new sounds to the TM mantra. These are for thinking only and to be uttered. One has to keep the mantra strictly private and never share it with others.

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What are the benefits of using Transcendental Meditation Mantras?

Transcendental Meditation can bring positive changes to one’s life. One can have the following benefits by repeating the TM mantras.

  • Improved self-awareness: TM opens up the inner world. It also helps to know more about the self. It also makes one confident to face challenges coming in life.
  • Improves brain function: Practicing TM improves cognitive abilities. It also improves the ability for awareness learning, decision making, and concentration.
  • Reduces anxiety: When one does TM, the mind experiences complete relaxation. The repetition of Transcendental Meditation Mantras helps to recede disruptive thought and makes the mind quiet. It also brings down the level of stress.
  • Improves Blood Pressure and Cholesterol: Transcendental meditation substantially reduces the risk of bad cholesterol development, and it causes reductions in the cholesterol level. It also helps to dilate the blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure level.
  • Lowers the risk of cardiac problems: With low cholesterol and BP, Transcendental Meditation lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Reduces Chronic Pain: Studies indicate that TM has effects on cortical thickness in the areas of the brain that is associated with pain tolerance and makes one less sensitive to pains.
  • Improves sleep quality: Due to TM’s effect on the mind and the nervous system, people practicing TM experience better sleep quality and overall health improvement.

Transcendental Meditation helps calm busy minds with Transcendental Meditation Mantras

How Do Transcendental Meditation Mantras Work?

The teacher passes down an appropriate TM mantra from the transcendental meditation mantras list by age. The mantra acts as a vehicle to settle the mind in a higher state of awareness, and one settles into silence ultimately. There are different TM mantras including TM mantras for beginners. They are carefully classified into TM mantras by age and gender. Words or sounds with a meaning keep the thoughts on the periphery of the mind and do not go deep. As these sounds might not mean anything, it helps the mind to cross the outer level and go deeper. TM mantras pronunciation, when done correctly, creates a unique vibration that resonates with the mind to experience a blissful state.

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How is transcendental meditation different?

Transcendental meditation is not a one-size-fits-all type. It involves personalized instructions by certified TM teachers. The technique is effortless, evidence-based, and guaranteed. It takes one beyond the level of general awareness and into the realm of the deep mind.

What are the steps to learning Transcendental Meditation?

One can learn TM through the following steps:

  • Find a local TM teacher and attend the free introductory talk.
  • Attend a private meeting with the TM teacher.
  • Take the transcendental meditation course.

Is it possible to learn TM through a book or video?

Unfortunately, the answer is negative. The TM technique needs personal guidance. So, one has to take the help of a certified TM teacher.

What happens during Transcendental meditation?

It settles the mind until one experiences the silent and peaceful level of pure consciousness.

What happens if one is not good to control the mind?

TM does not need concentration, mind control, any contemplation, or thought monitoring. It is an effortless technique suitable for all.

What happens if one is skeptical?

TM does not depend on your belief.  It works equally with every individual, no matter if one believes it or not.

Where to find Transcendental Meditation teachers?

You can find certified TM teachers in your area by visiting the Transcendental Meditation website. Or, you may Google “transcendental meditation near me” to find out local centers.

What is the course fee?

Well, it depends on the annual household income and ranges from $105 x 4 months to $245 x 4 months. There are several categories from full-time students to people with an AHI of $200,000 or more.  Persons receiving Federal Assistance have to ask for support.

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Final Note

None can tell you how much sweet the candy is until you taste it yourself. The same is true for transcendental meditation. Transcendental Meditation Mantras work but one has to practice and feel the improvement. They help to balance one’s mind. Remember, your mind makes your world. It is worth trying.


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