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12 Amazing Yoga Room Ideas for The Perfect Meditation & Inspiration Space

If you are planning to turn your room into a yoga space, then it should be a dedicated yoga room space that feels more like a retreat, and also it should improve your mindset. Regardless of the size of the room, you need to make sure that it will enhance your inner peace.

The yoga room is considered a central space that will allow you to breathe and also make you work without any distractions. No matter what your budget is, you need to concentrate on the interior design, functionality of the room, and decorative theme. So, in this article, we have suggested a few yoga room ideas that you can implement in your space.

Why do you need a dedicated yoga room space?

If you are planning to bring a yoga room into your place, then the first thing you should remember is yoga room is a soothing and sacred place. It will bring peace to you from the distraction and stress of the outside world. Either you can plan for a yoga bedroom and for this you need to change the color, scent, light, and visual arts, so that your brain will get into yoga mode.

Even you can plan for the outdoor yoga space ideas, and for this, you need to find the perfect place, incorporate a few plants to soothe your mind, the outdoor activity should not disturb you, and a perfect shade to protect your place from the sun, and also a stone wall that offers peace and self-awareness during the practice.

You can design the yoga room in whatever room you want, but before you implement the yoga room ideas remember the intention of the room.

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12 amazing yoga room ideas

Declutter the space

A cluttered space will yield a cluttered mind, and you need to remove everything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Use only things that will make you inspire and if not then remove all those things. There are a few encouraging things such as wooden shelves, a woven basket, and hanging hooks.

Floor plan

The yoga room plan is the most vital thing, and of all the floor plan will play a crucial role. As you perform yoga only on the mat, you need to make an elevated platform that will help you to do the asana properly.


Good lighting is necessary especially natural light, as it will provide warm energy to the room. If your room doesn’t have enough sunlight then you can place any lamps or bulbs. Prefer soft white lights as they won’t make your room too bright, and they will give an adequate amount of light.

Choose paint colors that evoke relaxation

When you are turning other rooms into the yoga room, the color of the paint plays a huge role. As the yoga room is all about evoking relaxation, so choose lighter or sun-reflecting colors such as light turquoise or warm sandstones. Never go for dark colors as it will be too oppressive.


Tapestries and rugs

This is the must-follow yoga room idea and your yoga room is not completed with one colorful tapestry or rugs. The wall tapestries will add color and movement, and the rugs will assist the focal point. Make sure to choose the subtle but creative one that has a large swatch of color.

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Add a water feature

Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of beach waves or the babble of the waterfalls. If you are concerned about budget, you can bring plenty of small and portable water pieces, and it helps to engage all your senses. If you can, then a small aquarium will work best for your room.

Incorporate mirrors

You should have a full-length mirror in your yoga room so that you can check whether you are doing all the poses correctly. While practicing asana, helps to avoid any injuries and builds stability. Even if you have a small place, the mirror makes them look more open and free-flowing.

Choose the right yoga accessories

Another must-follow yoga room ideas are the room should have yoga room furniture. This includes a set of yoga blocks to achieve correct postures, a strap to assist flexibility while making difficult postures, and if you want even Bluetooth speakers to work better to create a great ambiance.

Zen mood lighting

The Zen mood lighting is colored therapy lighting and while performing various yoga flows, it will allow activating a different part of the brain. For example, if you go for orange and red lighting, it helps to perform ashtanga yoga poses, pink and green light is for calming, and blue light is for deep meditation.

Candles, scents, and essential oils

The scent for the yoga room is one of the best yoga room ideas as it will act as a powerful grounding force. The essential oil diffusers and the natural candle will act as vital elements of the yoga space. Even you can use healing herbs to smudge and clear the energy before practice.

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Good Sitting Spots

Never forget to leave some space for you to perform, as you won’t fill the most of room with the yoga things. Also, there should be some space left with a chair or sofa to relax or to perform mindfulness.

Crystals, statues, and treasures

The crystals, statues, and treasures will bring new energy into your yoga room, and for example, crystals like jade will bring peace, amethyst promotes stability and patience, quartz for self-love, and citrine for prosperity.

Bottom Line

Before you start implementing all these ideas in your new yoga room, you need to set the intention which is what exactly you want from this yoga room. The goal of your room can be anything and once you found out, it is easy for you to pick the right and best yoga room ideas.

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