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7 Best Activities To Practice Mindfulness For Teachers

Everyone in the world is facing certain emotions and stress, and it is difficult for them to stay away from the negatives. So, everyone starts practicing mindfulness, which is to live in the present moment, and most people prefer to practice it through books and some other resources by a professional teacher.

Many schools started practicing mindfulness-related activities, so if you are a teacher then you should remain a master in practicing mindfulness. So, this article will help all the teachers out and we have recommended certain steps to practice mindfulness for teachers.

How does mindfulness help teachers?

When we talk about mindfulness for teachers, it is not only for them to learn to teach others, but also they will get certain benefits from it. When it comes to teaching, this will be something new and it will make you stand out of the box. On the other hand, it also benefits the teachers in many ways by reducing their stress, helping to achieve focus and attention, the functioning of health and immune system properly, and handling difficult emotions.

The workloads for teachers are increasing day by day, as are the demands on teachers, so they are facing a lot of stress. So, in this article, we have listed a few tips that help to teach and practice mindfulness in a better way.

7 Best Activities to Practice Mindfulness for Teachers

Intentional focused breathing

One of the easiest ways to practice mindfulness for teachers is by focusing on the breath to be mindful and slow down. You need to know the strategy for deep and focused breathing, as it helps to revert your body from a stressed state to a relaxed state.

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This is a basic yet powerful mindfulness practice, and here you will be following the natural rhythm of your breathing. Also, it will do wonders for your nervous system.


Journaling is considered the self-reflection method and here you can use your favorite journaling method to bring mindfulness for teachers. If they are undergoing any worries, or difficulties, you can easily find them and fight against them.

Journaling is a tool that helps to isolate your worries and stress without making them take over your being. If you write your thoughts on a page, then you can able to separate the real facts from fiction, train your mind to remove negative from your daily thoughts and replace all kinds of negativity with the positive ones. You can choose whatever journaling method you want, as it will help you to stay in the present moment.


Meditation has been followed for hundreds of years by many cultures, so it is not something new that you are going to try. Even many scientific studies have been conducted on meditations and proved that it has enormous benefits to a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

There are various types of meditations and depending on the meditation the outcome will vary. But whatever meditation you choose, it helps to calm your mind and make them more centered. This tip will be the simple and effective to practice mindfulness.


Affirmations are nothing but a kind of statement which you need to recite aloud as it helps to reframe your thinking. Our human mind will naturally get attracted to the negatives easily when compared to the positive. So, it is difficult for everyone to stay positive, and the affirmations will revert you from untruthful and unhelpful thoughts.

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This is the best tip if you really want to think about the areas which you need to change and the easiest way of turning negatives into positives. Once you woke up, you can recite the affirmations loudly every day to see effective results.

Use weekly planner

Another tip to practice mindfulness for a teacher is to use the weekly planner. Most teachers will like to organize their routine with a planner, and using a weekly planner will helps you to stay mindful. If you write down the tasks or appointments for the day, week, or month, then your mind will easily get to know what is important and what you need to achieve.

Also, the planner method is the most effective method to stay in the moment and even its benefits with time management and productivity. So, the teacher should make use of the planner method.

Body scan

As the name suggests, a body scan is a process where you regularly stop and stand for a moment and start concentrating on your thoughts using each part of your body. For example, if you are standing in a position, then you need to focus your mind on your toe, feet, or leg and assess how they feel.

Likewise, you need to do this with every part of your body and should assess how your body feels when you move each part. This is one of the best ways to relieve tension that has been built in your body for the day.

Time in nature

This is the last but effective tip to practice mindfulness for teachers is to spend some time with nature as it can be therapeutic for your soul. Recent times have made us dependent so much on technology, so in a day at least for 30 minutes you need to leave your devices and should focus on the 5 senses.

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You need to use your sense and engage what you feel, hear, smell and see. This will be a wonderful way of connecting with yourself and with the nature around you.

Final Thoughts

Teaching is considered one of the most rewarding professions and also in recent times, it is considered a demanding job too. Here, we have recommended certain activities to practice mindfulness for teachers so that they can bring the best out of the students.

If the teachers have a sense of calm, understanding, and the skills to intervene then they can make the learning a pleasure for everyone.

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